2021 ESC Conference Goes Virtual



European Society of Criminology


Practical information about the 2021 ESC Conference

The 2021 ESC conference will take place online. The Executive Board of the ESC was practically obliged to take that decision due to the unpredictability of the evolution of the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences on freedom of movement, air travel disruptions and restrictions as well as mandatory quarantines when entering a country or coming back from it.

The 2021 conference will be organized through a professional virtual conference platform. Participants will be able to access the video channels of the panels directly from their computer or from a dedicated conference app. In addition, the platform offers a range of other functionalities, including tools for direct, one-on-one or group interaction of conference participants via live chat or videoconferencing, as well as social events.

The deadline for abstract submission is 30 June, and abstracts submitted will be evaluated at the latest by 10 July. Participants whose abstracts have been accepted must register by 31 July to be included in the final program.

Abstract submission

All abstracts must be submitted on-line through the abstract submission website. The submission choices available for the meeting are the following:

  1. Pre-arranged Panel,
  2. Individual Paper Presentation,
  3. Poster Presentation

The deadline is the same for all three forms of submission (30 June 2021).  Please not that submission deadlines will be strictly enforced this year and late submissions will not be accepted.  We also encourage participants to submit well in advance of the deadline. This will enable reviewers to assess the abstracts on a rolling basis. Moreover, ESC staff will be able to assist you with any submission problems while the call for papers remains open.

All three forms of submissions have to be submitted to a particular thematic category which you have to select from a drop-down menu during the submission process. As in previous conferences, these are mostly aligned with the ESC thematic working groups (which will be responsible for the abstract reviewing process), complemented by a few residual categories. You do not need to be a member of a thematic working group to submit an abstract on the area of expertise of that group. Submissions are open to anyone.

Pre-arranged panels: Panel submissions must include a title and an abstract for the entire panel as well as titles, abstracts and author information for all papers. Each panel should contain between three and four papers. The panel can be submitted by any of the authors. Please note: the submitter has to indicate a single preferred time zone for the entire panel. Consequently, co-panellists in a pre-arranged panel have to agree on a preferred time zone prior to submission. Those participants of pre-arranged panels whose abstract was submitted by a co-panellist do not need to create a personal profile on the website. Once the entire panel is submitted by a co-panellist, every author of the panel will receive a confirmation email. This email will contain a link to the submission site, via which authors will have the opportunity to correct, until the submission deadline, their personal and contact data if they were incorrectly entered by the submitter. We encourage panel submission organized by ESC working groups and individuals.

Individual Papers: Submissions must include a title and abstract along with author information and indicate their preferred time zone. Please note that these presentations are intended for individuals to discuss work that is close to completion or where substantial progress has been made. Presentations about work that has yet to begin or is only in the formative stage are not appropriate here and may be more suitable for a poster submission. 

Posters: Submissions for poster presentations require a title and abstract along with author information. Along with the usual pdf format, posters can also be audio or video files. Please only upload the abstract at this stage. A separate page for poster upload will open once the review process is concluded.  One poster submission per presenter is allowed.

If you run into any trouble during abstract submission, please contact us via email at conference@eurocrim2021.com.


Please note that only fully registered delegates can present at the conference and only abstracts of delegates who are fully registered will be included in the program.

Registration for participants whose abstracts have been accepted must be completed by 31st July 2021. In order to register for the conference, please visit the European Society of Criminology website. Registration fees for the online conference are:

  Early: before 31st July 2021 (compulsory registration deadline for presenters) Late: After 31st July 2021
ESC members €50 €100
ESC members (students) €30 €60
Non ESC members €130 €180
Non ESC members (students) €75 €105

If you have any questions regarding the registration, please contact the European Society of Criminology via email to secretariat@esc-eurocrim.org or fax to +41 21 692 46 45. To simplify the procedure, if you are not registered by 31st July, we will consider that you are withdrawing from the conference and adapt the program accordingly.

Please keep in mind that presenting authors should be able to attend the whole conference since we cannot honour requests for a specific day or time.