Call for Applications - Newsletter Editor



European Society of Criminology


The ESC invites applications for a new editor of Criminology in Europe, the Newsletter of the ESC, to begin in January 2023, although the new editor will also need to be involved informally before then.

The duties of the editor include:

  • Manage timely publication of the three issues of the Newsletter each year
  • Solicit articles, follow-up with authors, copyedit submissions
  • Manage the publication process day-to-day, such as proofreading, article uploading, layout editing, and the printing process
  • Manage the finances of the Newsletter, including contracting suppliers, and overseeing the timely delivery of services such as layout editing, printing and delivery
  • Advance the Society’s European mission and enhance the Newsletter’s international reputation.
  • Continue traditions of the Newsletter, such as thematic essays, presidential messages, and working group reports
  • Maintain effective communication with the ESC executive board.
  • Participate in 4 Board meetings of the ESC Executive Board (the editor is an appointed board member for the duration of his or her tenure as editor). Two meetings are held during the annual meeting of the ESC. The other two meetings are held in May and November or December at different locations across Europe.

Editors serve a term of 5 years and receive a small annual stipend.

As the editorship includes copy-editing submissions from non-native speakers, proficiency in English is a requirement. Non-native English speakers are encouraged to apply provided they have the requisite English skills.

The Executive Board encourages applications from all European countries. The editor must be based in a European University or research institution.

Applications for the Editorship should be received at the ESC Secretariat by 1 March 2022. For further information about the Newsletter or the role of the Editor, interested parties should contact the executive secretary of the ESC ( or the current editor (Csaba Győry,