ESC Newsletter Renewed

Csaba Győry

Csaba Győry

Conference Coordinator


After a hiatus for the better part of 2020, the ESC Newsletter is back, renewed. The hiatus was for refurbishment and redesign, and longer than initially planned, due to COVID-related pressures in academic life. 
The renewal is intentional. After careful deliberations, the ESC Board has decided last year to abandon the print version of the Newsletter (the conference issue, once the physical conferences resume, will still be printed and distributed at the conference). This was a proposal that I, as the editor, had long resisted - I thought that the print Newsletter and its content, especially the essays, was an important part of the ESC brand. But I am also convinced now that it was the right decision. 
When I became the editor in 2010, ESC membership hovered around 700. Now we have members twice as many. This brought a very significant increase in shipping costs - more than double increase, actually, mostly due to the rising number of overseas members. But readership habits also changed. Our internal statistics show that 75% of the Newsletter recipients visit the website after they get the Newsletter in the email. The time has thus indeed arrived to move online. 
And the decision offered the opportunity to have a fresh look at the Newsletter. Here is what has changed. 

1. The website now has a blog. A full online presence has to be more dynamic. The ESC Newsletter now has a blog, with contributions on current issues of crime and crime control. This part of the website is not connected to the issues, and we will plan to post new content at least once a month. 
2. The issues are still available on the website, and you will also get an email with them. They will, however, be more devoted to ESC matters: with a few exceptions, substantial articles will move to the blog. You will still also be able to download the pdf version, which also has a new design. 
3. The jobs site is now to a great extent automated and pulls criminology job ads from all over Europe. We will, of course, still manually add your job calls free of charge if you ask us to do it.
4. There will now also be a news site which will collect criminology-related news. If you have a call for papers, a report on a workshop, or anything similar, please let us know and we will post it. 

Wish you a lot of fun on the new site!