European Journal of Criminology- Volume: 20, Number: 6 (November 2023)






European Journal of Criminology- Volume: 20, Number: 6 (November 2023)

The new issue includes the following papers and can be viewed here

Crossing borders: Does it matter? Differences between (near-)domestic and cross-border sex traffickers, their victims and modus operandi

  • Suzanne L. J. Kragten-Heerdink
  • Steve G. A. van de Weijer
  • Frank M. Weerman

A critical perspective on the administrative approach to crime prevention: The case of labour trafficking

  • Hanna M. Malik
  • Johanna Vanto
  • Liisa Lähteenmäki
  • Jalo Vatjus-Anttila
  • Jon Davies

From structural time use to situational rule-breaking: Analysing adolescents’ time use and the person-setting interaction

  • Alberto P. Chrysoulakis
  • Anna-Karin Ivert
  • Marie Torstensson Levander


The persistent countervailing consequences of urbanization: A longitudinal study of homicide rates

  • Matthew Thomas Clement
  • Nathan W. Pino
  • Jarrett Blaustein

Out of prison, out of crime? The complex interplay between the process of desistance and severe resource disadvantages in women‘s post-release lives

  • Elanie Rodermond
  • Steve Van De Weijer
  • [...]View all

Complaints: Mechanisms for prisoner participation?

  • Rebecca Banwell-Moore
  • Philippa Tomczak

Assessing the predictive validity of a risk assessment instrument for repeat victimization in the Netherlands using prior police contacts

  • Niels Raaijmakers
  • Roos Geurts
  • Marc J. M. H. Delsing
  • et al